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Quarantine Tips To Get Rid Of Knee, Back Pain At Home

Quarantine Tips To Get Rid Of Back Pain At Home

Your time in quarantine can entail long periods of time sitting at one location. Even shifting from the normal schedule, occasionally. Besides adding weight, this may contribute to increased back ache, knee aches, etc. We would also like to share a weekly quarantine schedule with you which you may obey before the Indian lockout endures. In fact, there are three Yogasanas that will help you get rid of these pains and aches. Not to neglect that daily workout is a treatment that is equally successful in reducing back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain etc.

Asanas you can do at home to prevent pains and aches
Below is a step-by-step guide for asanas you should use to relieve back pain and knee discomfort. If you sit for long hours these will aid you. Use them and according to your strength and versatility to create combinations. Remember to use this opportunity to develop a good habit that will last and benefit long time. The asana includes relaxing movements that can be conveniently practiced at home.

a. If you have knee pain, try the twisted figure. Lie on your back and bend knees with your feet on ground. Place right ankles on left knee, then allow both legs to fall over to your left.

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b. If you have back pain, Try bow pose. Lie on your stomach with your arms down next to you and your palms facing up. As you bend your knees, extend them upward and reach your hands back to grab your ankles.

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c. If you have neck pain, Try child’s pose. Get on all-four legs, as if you’re about to do cow-cat sequence. Then, sink your hips back toward the floor with your arms extended forward- as if you’re reaching for something in front of you. Keep your head down on the mat and knees apart.

Corona Virus precautions

d. If you have hip/lower back pain, try the reclined spinal twist. Lie on your back and pull your knees into your chest. Then, with your knees remaining together, gently allow them to fall over to one side, as your head turns to the opposite side.

Corona Virus precautions

Besides, Yoga, here are a few tips to make the most of your time at home and quarantine:
1. Do not grudge the amount of time you have rather, take this opportunity to develop a healthier routine that can last. You should strive to do five Surya Namaskars in one day and make it a crucial part of your lifestyle. It is something that will stick with you particularly as things are back to routine and you don't have time to work out.
2. Eat home-cooked food as this period will be used to improve homemade meal intake. Look not at food from a carbohydrates, protein and fat viewpoint but from a nutrition and sustainability viewpoint. Know that eating dal chawal is totally good and the only superfoods are the ones that see you through your hard times.
3. Build a good relationship with your kitchen. Each person in the family can rekindle their kitchen relationship now. Cook 1 meal every day. Let your life at home be a joy.
4. Develop something that's going to bear the time. Note, that this "easy" period you've got right now might not ever come back. What about knowing something different that can live with you forever, and the safety benefits can be reaped forever?
5. Discipline yourself - The most pointless thing to do right now may be not to get up on time, take a nap, laze all day long, and make your appearance sound like a strain on the rest of your family. Strive to wake up early. Regulate the time on the computer and If it comes to investing your time productively, nothing gets better than reading.

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